Incorporated in 1950, The Penray Companies continue to grow strong after 50 years of service in the heavy-duty and automotive chemical industry. There are two main plants where they manufacture both liquids and aerosol products. They are in Elk Grove Village and Wheeling Illinois. Penray is comprised of four separate business units: heavy-duty, automotive, export, and custom manufacturing. Apart from that, the Penray Companies, Inc. manufactures and sells chemicals worldwide. They are here to ensure that you can service your vehicle with products of the highest quality and most progressive technology. Penray is steadfast in our commitment to our customers, and they back that up with a dedicated sales force and unsurpassed customer service. Besides their complete line of Penray Performance Products, turn to Penray for all your installer kits and winter chemical needs.





Chlorinated Brake Cleaner

  • Degrease insantly
  • parts cleaner
  • Removes grease, oil, brake fluid and other contaminants from disc and drum brake components without leaving any residue.
  • Cleans without disassembly
  • Helps stop brake squeaking and can improve braking performance
  • Non-flammable, can be used to clean any automotive electrical components
  • Does not contain silicones, leaves no residue
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
4820 12/Case 19 Oz. Aerosol Can


Gum-solve® Carburetor
and Choke Cleaner

  • Will not harm oxygen sensors
  • Compatible with catalytic canvertors
  • Helps restore carburetor performacne by remobing gum, varnish, carbon deposits and dirt built-up.
  • Clean and frees automatic chokes, carburetor linkage, fuel injection intake system, manifold heat controls and PCV smog valve.
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
2214 12/Case 15 Oz. Aerosol Can



Fuel Injector Air Intake Cleaner

  • Special "all-single" spray valve
  • Will not harm protective coatings
  • Compatible with all air intake systems
  • Dissolves and helps remove sticky gums, carbon, soil and resin deposits
  • Removes gum and dirt that prevent proper air flow
  • may also be used to clean CIS and CIS-E systems, automatic chokes, caburetor linkage, manifold heat controls and PCV valves
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
2412 12/Case 9 Oz. Aerosol Can


Spray Engine Cleaner and Degreaser

  • Spray on - Rinse off with water
  • Cleans car, truck and marine engines
  • Removes grease, oil and tar
  • LOW VOC Formula
  • Ideal for use on lawn mowers, marine engines, farm equipment and garage floors.
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
4220 12/Case 14.5 Oz. Aerosol Can
Fuel and Oil


Fuel Injector Cleaner

  • Helps clean harmful deposits and carbon from fuel system to restore performance and drive-ability
  • Concentrate formula that has been used by professional technicians for many years
  • Just one treatment can provide increased power and acceleration, improved idling, quicker starting and reduced emissions
  • Effective in all types of fuel injected cars and trucks
  • Help remove harmful deposits and carbon as you drive
  • Will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors
  • For use in all grades of gasoline, ethanol blends and diesel fuels
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
2112 12/Case 12 FI. Oz. Bottle


Engine Oil Treatment

  • Extends engine oil life
  • Reduces friction, heat and wear
  • Disperses sludge and prevents deposits
  • Ideal for use in all engines
  • Maintains engine performance and efficiency
  • Keeps seals and gaskets supple
  • Prevents corrosion and keeps engine clean
  • helps maintain viscosity
  • Regular use will prevent excessive wear and prolong the life of engine components
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
3112 12/Case 12 FI. Oz. Aerosol Can



Silicone Spray

  • Stop squeaks and sticking
  • Waterproofs, lubricates and insulates
  • Ideal for metal, rubber and leather
  • Won't melt, freeze, gum-up! Effective from -35° to +325°F
  • For automotive, heavy duty, farm, industrial and marine use
  • Prevents battery terminals and cases from corroding, prolongs battery life
  • Improves radio reception, provides easier raising and lowering of antennae
  • Prevent moisture seepage
  • Lubricates and prevents freezing of door locks, trunk locks, and window channels
  • Protects rubber mountings and eleminates their squeaks
  • Stop sticking and provides smooter operation of doors, windows, storm windows, and drawers
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
3416 12/Case 10 Oz. Aerosol Can


Rubberized Undercoat

  • Deadens sound
  • Painable when dry
  • Quick drying, stays black
  • When Thoroughly dry, may be painted over with no bleed-through
  • Used as directed, it will afford the user superior protection against: rust and corrosion, extreme heat and cold, dust and fumes, and road salt
  • Applications - automotive use: rocker panels, fender sections, hood, deck, frame
  • Home use: foundations, gutters, downspouts, driveway cracks, tree wounds, minor roof repairs
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
4424 12/Case 16 Oz. Aerosol Can


Spray White Lithium Grease

  • Year-round, all weather grease
  • Provides high lubricity
  • Water and heat resistant for superior corrosion and friction protection
  • High lubricity grease that works equally well in all temperatures and all types of weather
  • AUTOMOTIVE AND HEAVY DUTY USE: Door, hood, trubk, latches, hinges, speedometer cables, distributor caps, seat guides, battery terminals, steering linkage, and window adjusters
  • MARINE USE: Boat control cables, linkages, trailer rollers, trailer slides, guide winches, and rust proofing for storage
  • FARM AND HOME USE: Garage doors and guides, farm equipment of all types, all general to metal contact applications where lubrication and protection are desired
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
4816 12/Case 11 Oz. Aerosol Can


Spray Belt Dressing

  • Increase friction coefficient
  • For use with all types of "V" belts
  • Eliminates squeaking and slipping
  • It also preserves belts and increases friction coefficient
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
4908 12/Case 7 Oz. Aerosol Can
Functional Fluids & Sealers


Power Steering Fluid System Flush

  • Help stop leak due to drying and hardening of seals
  • Keeps seals soft and pliable
  • Cleans hydraulic system and conditions fluids
  • May also be used to condition automatic transmission fluid
  • Compatible with all fluid types
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
3210 12/Case 12 FI. Oz. Bottle


Premium Power Steering Fluid

  • Compatible with all power steering fluids
  • Meets specs of GM, Ford, Chrysler and most foreign auto manufacturers
  • Provides protection against foam, corrosion, and oxidation
  • Protects against wear and slippage
  • Helps stop power steering squeaks
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
3912 12/Case 12 FI. Oz. Bottle
Cold Weather


Oil System Cleaner

  • Fast 5 minute cleaner
  • Repowers sluggish engines
  • Dissolves the sticky and gummy deposits formed by high temperatures in modern engines
  • After using Penray Motor Flush your engine oil will circulate freely to all parts of the motor
  • Frees sticky valves and rings
  • Removes sludge and dirt before overhauling and engine
Part# Quantity Net Contents Container Type
7512 12/Case 12 FI. Oz. Bottle


Fuel Prep™Year-Round Diesel Fuel Conditioner

  • Ready to use in BioDiesel. COnditions fuel. prevents corrosion. Eliminates and desperses sludge. Eliminates bacterial and fungal growth. Lubricates fuel system. Enchances cetene.
No. Quantity Net Contents Each UPC
100012 12/Case 12 FI. Oz. 0-92443-10012-6