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About Champion Spark plug

The World’s Favorite Sparkplug, Champion Spark Plugs from Federal-Mogul represent the world’s most complete line of standard and premium plugs for automotive, marine and small-engine applications. Federal-Mogul's Champion® brand has been a world leader in the manufacture and supply of original equipment products to automotive manufacturers and to the aftermarket. Besides, Champion is also specified as original equipment by more engine manufacturers than any other plug in the world, and is the first- or second-most recommended plug for every automotive replacement application.

For more than 100 years, Federal-Mogul's Champion® brand has been a world leader in the manufacture of spark plugs for every kind of combustion engine. This experience has led to design enhancements that optimize the performance of every spark plug we make. 

Our aftermarket customers benefit from our proven expertise in engineering and manufacturing OE components and subsystems for the world’s major automotive manufacturers. We understand the importance of OE fit and form replacement parts; we know our parts adhere to the industry’s toughest standards — and to yours.

Spark Plug Testing 

Champion’s European Technical Centre (ETC) is Europe’s leading location for testing OE spark plug capabilities. This facility houses specialized testing technology, including:

  • Engine endurance test cells
  • Full-size cold chamber
  • Rolling roads capable of simulating high speeds

Plugs are tested at the equivalent of 155 mph (250 km/h) for 360 hours. Champion’s partnerships with major manufacturers ensure that the brand’s ignition and products continue to meet the quality demands of sophisticated vehicle designs.

In addition, Federal-Mogul invests heavily in research and development, enabling us to develop new technologies as well as to refine the performance and the quality of existing Champion products.


Champion® Iridium

maximum performance

New Champion® Iridium. T he Ultimate Element...
offers unsurpassed performance


Double Platinum Power™

more powerful performance™

Enchance to deliver more powerful performance
for quicker acceleration and a smooter idle.


Copper Plus™

Dependable Performance™

Provides dependable performance and durability


The Ultimate Element.
Champion® Iridium features an extremely fine-wire Iridium center electrode that is "laser-locked" to the center electrode using a patented process. In addition, every Champion® Iridium features a platinum ground electrode to ensure the highest level of performance and longest life.

Maximum Performance.
The Iridium fine-wire center alectrode and platinum V-trimmed ground electrode produce the sharpest spark focus. This provides the greatest engine performance regardless of engine type or ignition system.

Exclusive heat-Active Alloy™.
Allows electrodes to reach optimal temperature quickly and maintain stable operating temperature under all engine loads.


Double Platinum Conductor.
Doubl Platinum Power has platinum on both the center and ground electrodes to ensure longer life and minimal wear on both electrode surfaces.

Exceptional Performance.
Fine-wire and V-trimmed electrodes create sharper spark focus than conventional plugs for more power and quicker aceleration.

Exclusive Heat-Active Alloy™.
Allows electrodes to reach optimal temperature quickly and maintain stable operating temperature under all engine loads.


Dependable and Durable.
Built to ISO and SAE standards for proven performance. Patented SAC-9 semi-conductor resistor for maximum EMI & RFI suppression.

Provides Longer Life.
Copper core center electrode allow for accurate control of heat range, optimizing the performance and longevity of the spark plug.

TInTac® and ULTRASEAL™ Shell.
Eliminates the need for use of anti seize compound by providing the best corrosion protection of any spark plug in the industry.