ACDelco is a global leader in automotive replacement parts and related services and offers quality aftermarket products for most makes and models, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda, plus many original equipment service replacement parts. ACDelco products can be found in more than 100 countries located on six of the seven continents.

ACDelco has over 100 years of experience in the automotive industry and is a brand of GM Customer Care and Aftersales, a division of General Motors. Hot, cold, hard, gentle, fast or slow, ACDelco Engine Oils protect engines under many driving conditions. Using quality base stocks and adhering to the latest American Petroleum Institute (API) standards ensure your customers will make the most of every drop.

Motor Oil - Gasoline

Fully Synthetic
(Supreme Plus)

5W-40 SL/CF

  • Fully synthetic engine oil for the lubrication of all Gasoline and Diesel engines without turbo.
  • API: SL/CF, SJ, CD
  • Excellent fluidity at low temperature.
  • Very low resistance at start.
  • Exceptional viscosity index.
  • Very high thermal stability.

Semi Synthetic

10W-40 SL/CF

  • Supermultigrade Semi-synthetic oil for the lubricant of all 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines.
  • API: SL, SJ/CF
  • High fluidity at low temperature dus to the use of synthetic components.
  • Fuel economy.
  • Easy to start at cold weather.
  • Stable viscosity at high temperature.
  • Very high resistance against ageing.
  • Low oil loss by evaporation.


Mineral (Select)

10W-30 SL

  • High quality Mineral motor oil for all 4-stroke Gasoline engines for passenger cars, vans or light trucks.
  • API: SL, SJ, SH
  • Protection against sludge and deposits.
  • Resists viscosity and thermal breakdown even in severe service.
  • Viscosity grade suitable for most climates.
  • Maintains viscosity grade

Mineral (Select)

20W-50 SL/CF

  • High quality Mineral engine oil for all 4-stroke Gasoline and Diesel engines for cars and vans.
  • Very high resistance against oxidation.
  • High detergent and dispersant properties.
  • High neutralizing power.
  • Strong oil film.
  • High lubrication power.
  • Very large application field.

Mineral (Select)

15W-40 CI-4/SL

  • Universal Mineral engine oil for modern Diesel engines of pick ups and trucks. Moreover, it is suitable for all kinds of Gasoline engines including passenger cars.
  • API: CI-4/SL, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF
  • Suitable for low-emission engines (Euro 2 and Euro 3).
  • Excellent protection against deposits in the engine and turbocharger ducts.
  • Enchanced protection against valve train wear.
  • Allows for very long oil drain intervals.

Gear Oil

Manual Gear Oil (GL 5)

75W-90 Fully Synthetic

  • API: GL5 (GL3 and GL4 included)
  • Fully synthetic gear oil for all components of mechanical transmissions (gear boxes, transfer boxes, differentials, etc.) of most passenger cars, vans, and four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • The very broad viscosity range, in combination with specific components, ensures a perfect service in the most difficult circumstances.


80W-90 Mineral

  • API: GL5
  • Extreme-pressure lubricants for all hypoid transmissions and spiral bevel gears, worm wheel and most transaxles.
  • Recommended for gear boxes, specially formulated to satisfy the highest service conditions: high speed, shockloads and high torque at low speeds.
Motorcycle Oil
Brake Fluid

4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil Supreme

10W-40 SL/CF

  • Multigrade Semi-synthetic engine oil for Motorcycles.
  • API: SL/CF
  • Excellent fluidity at low temperature, due to the use of high tech components.
  • Very low ash content.
  • Stable viscosity at high temperature.
  • Very high resistance against ageing.Low oil loss by evaporation.

Brake Fluid

Dot 4

  • High quality brake fluid for the hydraulic brake systems.
  • High chemical stability.
  • Excellent resistance against residue formation.
  • Very good stablity toward oxidation
  • Compatible with all materials present in the circuit.